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There is a scene in the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy" where a rhino acts as a "self-appointed fire prevention officer" of the bush. Noticing that a human has started a small camp flame, the rhino rushes in and quickly stamps it out.

You might've seen an homage to the scene on an episode of "The Simpsons" when a stampeding rhino changes course to put out a fire. All this makes sense -- as everyone knows -- because rhinos have a strict "safety first" motto.

Clearly, they're the right animal to have by your side when you've set the roast on fire in the oven, but a real drag during your bonfire.

Do not invite the rhino to your Guy Fawkes Night bash. Only one problem.

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While this behavior is the stuff of legend, it seems to be strictly myth. And in fact, the legend is possibly quite different from the one that entertains us on the screen.

In a survey of scientific literature on the rhinoceros, there is a mention of the Burmese belief that the rhino was attracted to campfires.

Once finding them, the rhino would "trample and devour" the fire -- basically becoming a fire-eating legend [source: Van Strien ]. But it's important to note that these tales are pretty much just that: stories passed along by indigenous groups.

youtube rhinoceros farting

Nobody has actually seen rhinos attack -- or consume -- a fire with any gusto. It's also prudent to point out that there are several different types of rhinos, and the black rhinos native to Africa have never been accused of eating fire. It just might be that the legend of the fire-eating Asian rhino somehow morphed into the fire-stomping African rhino [source: Gaines ].

But it is true that rhinos are not fond of humans; they fear them, and their reaction might just be to attack [source: Okori ]. A fire isn't going to stop or busy them, in other words. Let's end by giving the rhino its due, because some research has shown that the ancient rhino which was shaped more like a hippopotamus had no predators, thanks to its enormous size and lethal horns [source: Goldbaum ].

In fact, the modern rhino is hard-pressed to find anyone willing to step to it. Perhaps that's one of the reasons the myth continued: Nobody wants to think that an animal has no weakness, right? Pretend the big bad rhino can be distracted with fire, and it's a little easier for us humans to handle.

youtube rhinoceros farting

But let's be clear: Instead of imagining the rhino as the concerned public safety officer portrayed in myth and entertainment, understand that its role is much closer to deadly king of the jungle. Lots More Information. Related Articles Why do rhinos charge anything unfamiliar? O'Leary's cow? Gaines, James. March 31, Columbia Films.

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Rhino Farts

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Farting across the animal kingdom is wonderfully diverse, a new book explains. I learned this because I read Does it Fart? Dani Rabaiotti, a PhD zoology student at the Zoological Society of London and co-author of the book, studies how climate change impacts African wild dogs. So she posed it to an expert on Twitter.

Spoiler: They do.

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The tag became a forum for discussions on animals and whether they pass gas. But inspired by the conversations in DoesItFart on Twitter, they penned this book together and added cheeky illustrations by Ethan Kocak see a few examples below. The book was so successful, that the trio is publishing a sequel called True or Poo? It comes out in the US on Tuesday, October But also: What we do know about farts is surprisingly wondrous.

Here are a few endearing lessons. They decided on a simple definition: Farts are simply gas that comes out of the end opposite the mouth, Rabaiotti says. That definition encompasses a wide range of biological processes.

For humans and our mammalian relatives, farts are mainly the result of digestion. Microbes break down food in our guts and produce gases like carbon dioxide or methane as a byproduct. In humans, these microbes help us break down fibrous plant materials found in beans, grains, and vegetables.

Rhino Farts, News Reporter Pretty Much Loses It

Likewise, horses fart so much because their diet is mostly plant-based, and their fibrous food gets digested through fermentation in the back half of their digestive tract. Elephants and rhinos do this too. But diets full of meat can produce a lot of farts too as red meat contains sulfur and other foul-smelling compounds. Seal farts, the authors relay, smell like fish. But some species also swallow air and then expel it out their butts.Done incorrectly, however, lighting farts on fire has the potential to cause you extreme internal bodily harm, which one man found out the hard way.

Like many Sundays, I had abhorrent rhino farts from drinking the night before. I told her the next time I had to let one rip she could hold the lighter to my fart box. No more than 5 minutes later I had one in the chamber ready to let loose. I did my best to hold it in while my girlfriend sprung up from the couch to find the lighter. With both of us giggling, I assumed the position — sitting down with my arms holding under my legs, pulling them back.

She lit the flame about 6 inches from my butt and I let a long, loud, slightly wet fart ring out. I heard the swoosh as the gas hit the flame and went up in a blue and orange fireball.

Honestly I had no idea the flame would be so impressive. The fart lasted for about 2 seconds, and when it stopped, my sphincter retracted and sucked the gas and flame back towards my asshole. Since I was wearing gym shorts, some of fire came back through the small holes and did burned the shit out of my asshole.

I actually felt the fireball get pulled into my ass and then poof out once the stream of gas got cut off. This, as you might imagine, was quite painful. Additionally, it added a wonderful, burned-asshole-hair smell to the already terrible stench of fire farts.

When she caught her breath she came into the bathroom and asked how I was. I put my dignity aside, bent over, and spread my cheeks so she could take a look.

Avoiding rhino farts in cider

Worth it. Facebook Twitter Flipboard uproxx.The rhinoceros and hippopotamus are big, greyish wild herbivorous mammals well known for their enormous size. The rhino can be distinguished from the hippo by the prominent horn which is present on its snout.

The Hippo, short for of hippopotamus, is a large mainly aquatic, African mammal. It has a very thick skin, a big head, mouth, and short four legs. It is the 3rd largest land animal behind the elephant and the white rhino.

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There is one single species of Hippo in existence, the hippo amphibious in the family of Hippopotamidae. Some other Pygmy Hippopotamus has been observed only in certain reserves in West Africa. It commonly spends the day submerged in the water along with their ears as well as nostrils protruding above the water.

During night time, they come onto the land to feed on green grasses.

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In fact, they are well known to be quite aggressive towards a human being. The average weight of the male adult hippo is 1, to 1, Kg, and a female is at an average weight of about 1, to 1, Kg. Adult hippo can often reach a weight of up to 7, pounds. The rhino, short form of rhinoceros, is a big mammal along with short legs, thick skin as well as has one or two horns protruding from the snout.

The horn is made of Keratin, a hair like the protein. The rhinos have been hunted close to extinction by poachers looking their horns. They are currently listed as critically endangered. A full-grown Indian rhino male is bigger than the female, weighing from 2, to 3, Kg. The rhinoceros family is known for its large size. It is also one of the biggest remaining megafauna alive nowadays along with entire species capable of attaining one tonne or much more in weight. Both of these animals are extremely territorial; however, the hippo is more aggressive compared to a rhino.

The male Hippos on the other side regularly inflict a severe wound on each other with their large teeth. The rhino has an impressive charge. However, in near combat, the numerous gaps of hippo mouth probably offer it the merits over the long, unwieldy horn of the rhino.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Avoiding rhino farts in cider. Thread starter Meadiator Start date Apr 5, Help Support Homebrew Talk:. Meadiator Well-Known Member. Joined Mar 14, Messages Reaction score 6.Pimple Popper treats a patient with rhinophymaan extreme form of rosacea resulting in skin thickening on the nose.

Lee uses a surgical tool to burn away at thickened skin to reshape the nose. Lee explains and dispels in the description of the video. In a new YouTube video, Dr. Sandra Lee, MD — treats the nose of a man with rhinophyma using a seemingly gruesome but effective method of skin removal. In the procedure, Dr. Lee uses a heated surgical loop to reshape the nose by burning off excess skin. The tool cuts and cauterized tissue simultaneouslyallowing Dr.

Lee to perform the procedure safely under local anesthesia. In fact, the patient can be seen talking throughout the 25 minutes long procedure, which Dr. Lee dedicates to his late mother who wanted to see her son regain confidence after years of struggling with the condition. Besides being cosmetically undesirable for some patients, severe rhinophyma can also block the nasal passages, making breathing difficult. Contrary to myth, rhinophyma is not caused by alcohol use and abuse, which Dr.

Lee commented on in the video description. Lee writes in the caption of the video. Healing after the procedure takes several weeks.

This Story Of A Fart-Lighting Gone Awry Will Turn You Off Of Lighting Farts On Fire

However, some results are immediately visible in this patient, with his nose greatly decreased in size and reshaped with precision — even with post-procedure swelling.

Watch the video here:. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Season 3 of Dr. Pimple Popper will return to TLC later this year.

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youtube rhinoceros farting

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